Cable Sizing and Rating

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Knowing the correct cable size is crucial to the safety of your van.

AWGClosest mm2Amp
18 AWG1 mm16 amp
15 AWG1.5 mm21 amp
14 AWG2 mm25 amp
12 AWG3 mm33 amp
10 AWG6 mm50 amp
7 AWG10 mm70 amp
6 AWG16 mm110 amp
4 AWG20 mm135 amp
3 AWG25 mm170 amp
2 AWG35 mm240 amp
0 (1/0) AWG50 mm345 amp
00 (2/0) AWG70 mm485 amp

When selecting your cable you need to make sure that:

  • It has a sufficient current rating for the expected load in the circuit, including a margin of safety.
  • The intended cable run length will not cause a voltage drop of more than about 3%
  • The material properties are appropriate for the application

Get these right and you can be confident that your cable is right for the job!