At Mark1 Conversions, we love converting vans! There is nothing we enjoy more than being given the whole project (from Panel Van to Full Camper). We don’t work from kits, and from the initial meeting to the final delivery, everything about your conversion is tailored to fit you… That’s what makes a Mark1 Conversion so special. It’s your conversion, we’re just doing the hard work for you.

Different-sized vans offer different opportunities for camper styles, each catering to various preferences and needs. At Mark1 we tend to split them into two classes to help you choose the perfect camper for your outdoor adventures.

At Mark1, we understand that choosing the right camper is crucial for a memorable outdoor experience. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple seeking a cosy getaway, or a family planning a fun-filled camping trip, our range of compact and full-sized campers ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your recreational needs.

Our goal is to provide campers that suit your specific preferences and offer the comfort and convenience you desire, making your outdoor adventures more enjoyable and memorable.

As with all things in life, not everything is black and white. You might not think you fit into one of these classifications and that’s fine, we can still help you obtain your perfect conversion, in fact, our unique ‘listen and apply’ skills are probably perfect for your needs.

Every Day Drives

View of a VW T6 LWB Van with pop Top Elevated and Side Door Open

Vans such as the VW Transporter, Ford Custom, Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic… They are all around the same size, usually require a pop top (Although we can convert without them, or with hightops), and they drive just like a big car, you can pretty much take them anywhere you would take a large car. Great as an everyday vehicle, that you can then stay away in at the weekends.

Every Day Drives Conversion Page

In summary:

  • These campers function just like a regular large car or daily vehicle.
  • They’re compact enough for running errands to the store, yet spacious enough to accommodate you and your children for a weekend getaway or school holidays.
  • Can utilise a pop top to expand the space and height for standing.
  • They conveniently fit in most people’s driveways and can be parked without causing any inconvenience to your neighbours
  • Typical vehicles would be the VW Transporter, Ford Custom, or Vauxhall Vivaro

Every Day Campers

View of a MAN TGE LWB Fully Loaded Camper with Side Door Open

Vans such as the VW Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Relay, Fiat Ducato, Vauxhall Movano… They are wider, taller and longer. They don’t tend to make such good everyday drives (although some people do use them) but they make great campers. No need to pop the roof to stand up, fixed beds, full hot water and heating systems, a home from home on wheels, you could spend every day happily living in one.

Every Day Camper Conversions Page

In summary:

  • These are the larger vans, not ideal (although some people do) for use as an everyday vehicle
  • Large enough for fixed beds and washrooms and tall enough to stand up in all the time.
  • Can be a real home from home and ideal for those lucky enough to have extended trips
  • Can have Large Garage storage areas for large items like bikes and water sports equipment.

Colour Swatches

Once you have decided to go with us, choosing your colours might well be the only hard choice you have to make…

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