Although some of the larger vans offer an amazing space to convert, they can also be a little narrow. Extending the campervan bed widthways through the addition of side flares or pods is a fantastic way to maximize sleeping comfort and space utilisation in your mobile home. The primary advantage of extending the bed widthways is the creation of a more spacious sleeping area. A wider bed provides ample room to stretch out, toss and turn, or even share the bed with a partner without feeling cramped. This added space contributes to a more restful night’s sleep, essential for those long road trips.

At Mark1 Conversions, our longstanding partnership with Flarespace from the United States speaks volumes. Their products consistently deliver exceptional quality and are adaptable to a range of van models. Whilst Flarespace may be considered a premium option, the value they bring justifies the investment.

Just as with the broader van conversions community, the key factor here is the dynamics of supply and demand. If you happen to own an uncommon and rare van, it’s likely that flares designed specifically for it might not be available. However, if you opt for more popular van makes, you’ll probably find a wider selection of flares available.

Flares are fibreglass panels that will extend the width of your van, increasing usable space and opening up new design options. The size of a bed will be flexible in width and up to 79″ long. A bed can be installed 30-36″ off the floor.

The flares are designed to fit directly into the rear quarter panel of a van and will extend up to the window in the mid or front panel respectively. Flare dimensions vary for each type of van. This sleek design does not significantly impact the view in the side view mirrors and allows for full use of the slider door(s). Rear doors can still be opened 270 degrees with the use of an extended door stopper except when a rear door ladder is installed.

We can supply flares for the New Crafter / MAN TGE, they are not made by Flarespace, but UK-based companies.

More Information on Original Flarespace Flares:

Flare Window Options

An integrated window can be a great addition to your flares, let in some extra light and fresh air. Please consider the following things when deciding if windows are right for you:

  • There is a foot of Flarespace below the CR Laurence 10″ x 33″ window where the bed length is unaffected. If the top of your mattress is at or around 34” off the floor, you will sleep below the window. 
  • Windows are noisier than insulated fibreglass and need privacy curtains. 
  • Half sliders do not move as much air as a 3-speed roof vent. 
  • Waking up to an amazing view right from your pillow is a great way to start the day!

Using Flarespace Side Pods allows you to turn your bed sideways, giving you more usable room and added square footage within your van’s interiors.

Flares are available for the following vehicles:

The Original VW Crafter and The Mercedes Sprinter

The flares will fit the Original VW Crafter from 2006 to 2016, and the Mercedes Sprinter from 2006 onwards.

Flarespace makes 2 versions that fit the UK Models

  • the 144″ or as we call it, the MWB and
  • the 170″ or the LWB or XLWB models.
VW Crafter 2006-2016 Side View
Mercedes Sprinter 170 Side View

Extended Flare Options

For the UK versions, the 144″ (MWB) Sprinter or Crafter Flare is only available in Regular depth flares which will extend 3.25” off the rear quarter panel on each side. This is due to our UK Sliding door being on a different side to the US Vans.

The 170″ (LWB or XLWB) flares come in Regular or Extended versions which will extend 5″ on each side. This still works with the UK version as the flares are located in the rear panel that is not covered by an open sliding door.

The Extended Flare option does not cost more than the standard depth Flare and can be selected as a window or solid Flare.

The Ford Transit (2014 onwards)

Flares for the Ford Transit will fit the 130″ and 148″. Only available in regular depth flares. Once installed, you will have around 80″ of space to sleep sideways in your Ford Transit.

  • L2 takes the 130″ flares (it has a wheelbase of 3300mm)
    • Comes in H2 (2490/1886mm) or H3 (2665/2125mm)
    • FWD (Load Height 614mm)
  • L3 takes the 148″ flare (it has a wheelbase of 3750mm)
    • Comes in H2 (2490/1886mm) or H3 (2665/2125mm)
    • FWD (Load Height 614mm)
  • L4 takes the 148″ Extended (it has a wheelbase of 3750mm)
    • Comes in H3 (2790/2025mm)
    • RWD (Load Height 722mm)
Ford Transit 148 Side View

Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Relay and Fiat Ducato

The flares will fit a Peugeot Boxer 136″, Citroen Relay and Fiat Ducato. Only available in regular depth flares. Once installed, you will have around 80″ of space to sleep sideways in the van.

Peugeot Boxer 136 Side View
Fiat Ducato Side View
Table showing Flare widths

Please click here for more information on Flarespace Side Pods.

UK Made Flares for New VW Crafter and MAN TGE

We can supply UK-made flares for the New Crafter or MAN TGE.

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