Diesel Heaters

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Diesel Heaters

A great addition to your van a diesel heater taps directly into your diesel tank, so no separate fuel source to worry about. Convenient and Economical.

We currently us the MV Aero 2kw Diesel Unit.


The MV Airo 2kw is a diesel heater that is economical, lightweight, with low current consumption and is easy to install. It operates fully automatically with a simple timer control for smooth output from 0.9kw to a full 2kw. It takes diesel fuel from the vehicle tank via its own fuel pump and delivers it to the heater in precise amounts to give a clean-burning, low noise exhaust, which exits underneath the vehicle.

The warm, dry air is circulated around the interior of the vehicle by the quiet built-in fan. Its efficient design means current consumption is kept to a minimum. At a low setting, drawing only 0.9A from the battery.

A diesel-powered 2kW air heater which is:

  • Quiet
  • With a low cost of ownership