DVLA – Converting your V5 to Motor Caravan – Update October 21st 2019

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It’s been a frustrating few months, the DVLA changed the goalposts, but decided not to tell anyone where they had moved them!

An update released today (October 21st 2019) details:

Requirements for changing body type to motor caravan

DVLA will only consider changing the body type to motor caravan (motorhome) if the vehicle meets the following three requirements:

  1. The body type shown on your V5C registration certificate (log book) is one of those shown in this list
  • ambulance
  • box van
  • goods
  • insulated van
  • light goods
  • light van
  • livestock carrier
  • Luton van
  • minibus
  • MPV (multi-purpose vehicle)
  • panel van
  • specially fitted van
  • special mobile unit
  • van with side windows

If it’s not on the list – don’t apply it will be refused.

  1. Motor caravan external permanent features
  • 2 or more windows on at least one side of the main body (this does not include windows on the driver or passenger doors) to provide a reasonable amount of daylight into the living accommodation
  • a separate door which provides access to the living accommodation of the vehicle (this excludes the driver and passenger doors); a window on this door counts as a separate window on the main body
  • motor caravan-style graphics on both sides of the vehicle
  • an awning bar attached to either side of the vehicle
  • a high-top roof (this does not include a pop-top elevating roof)
  1. Motor caravan internal features
  • seats and a table
  • sleeping accommodation which may be converted from the seats
  • cooking facilities
  • storage facilities


View the full page from the DVLA here.

DVLA Guidance Page

New V1006 Form – Motor Caravan Conversion Checklist (PDF)


I draw specifically attention to the phrase at the end of section 2 – THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE A POP-TOP ELEVATING ROOF – so expect to see more rumblings about this as it looks like you can only make the change if you have a fixed high top.

Elevating roofs and standard height vans need not apply!

Is this the end of the subject? I can’t see how it can be…

Maybe a “Campervan” classification is on its way (as opposed to “MotorHome” ) for vehicles with elevating roofs?

What do you think will happen next?