Lining a Van – The Process

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We pride ourselves on the quality of lining work. Like a swan, we make it look effortless, but underneath a lot of work goes into creating our beautifully lined vans.

These photos take the process of installing a T6 with windows and a pop-top, in short, the steps are:

  • Empty van ready to start.
    • Here we have removed any existing ply lining
    • Removed the bulkhead and bulkhead mounts
    • The front seats and Cab headliner
  • Wrapping and Masking for cutting that is required.
    • We’re fitting a pop top as well as side windows and a tailgate window
    • We fully mask the area and then apply protective paper and film
  • Cutting and cleaning up.
    • Once the cutting is done, it’s all cleaned up and primed
    • The van is then cleaned back to remove any residue from the process
  • Fitting of Windows and Pop Top.
    • The process of fitting the pop-top, depends on the type of roof being installed
    • The windows have trim applied on the inside, ready for them to be applied on the outside.
  • Application of Soundproofing, and Insulation.
    • Now the groundwork has been done we can start building
    • Any wiring required would also go in at this stage
    • Any soundproofing or insulation upgrades would then be applied before the final layer of insulation
  • Application of Ply lining.
    • Panels are cut and trimmed to suit the spaces being filled
    • Any edges are smoothed
    • The same goes for around the roof side
    • Any lights required are also wired in before the ply is finished
  • Prep and Installation of Floor Packers.
    • Packers to even out the floor
  • Layer of Insulation on Floor.
    • A layer of insulation or soundproofing depending on what you are using
  • Apply 12mm Ply.
    • 12mm Ply is then cut and applied
  • The fully lined shell can then be carpet lined and Altro applied.

Slideshow of Stages:

Gallery of Stages:

If you’re planning on lining your own van, it’s all in the preparation, the actual carpet lining is the final step, like the icing on the cake and if you have done the prep correctly getting a good finish is achievable.

If it all looks too much for you, check out our lining service page and drop us a line so we can talk to you further about your project

Good Luck, Stay Calm and Carry On Lining!