What Are My On-The-Go Toilet Options

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Rolls of Toilet Paper

It’s not the nicest of subjects, but we all need them. There are a few options for toilets on the go, at Mark1 Conversions we have used and installed most of them over the years:

Porta Potti

  • A removable separate unit
  • Quick, Handy, Removable
  • They can smell quite quickly
  • They can fill fast (but come in different sizes)
  • Emptying can be a problem
  • Cheap upfront costs – Need chemicals ongoing
  • Ideal for small vans, or vans without fixed washrooms

Cassette Toilet

  • Same as a Porta Potti, but built into the van which means:
    • Cannot be removed
    • Waste goes into a cassette which is all you have to remove to empty
  • Can get SOG Upgrades to help with smells (https://www.sog-systeme.de/)
  • More expensive than a removable porta potti
  • Need chemicals ongoing
  • Ideal for larger vans with dedicated toilet spaces or washrooms

Bucket or Folding Toilet

  • Pop a bag in a bucket
  • Go into bag
  • Dispose of bag
  • Cheap running costs


  • Splits solids and liquids
  • Quite a commitment and a mess if you get things wrong
  • Good for long-term living
  • Initially expensive


Laveo Dry Flush

  • Seals and compresses everything into a sealed bag
  • Seems to be USA only (as of publishing)
  • https://dry-flush.com/



  • 50m away from a path or stream
  • Dig a deep hole
  • Cover it well!

The most important thing is to be responsible with your waste. There are too many posts about irresponsible van owners emptying toilets by the side of the road. Always ensure you are emptying your waste into the correct places, and follow the golden rule “leave no trace”

Have I missed anything, let me know?

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